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  • Floadia

    A Japan's eNVM IP solutions provider. UMCC Team: Alex Shen

  • 11
  • Atscale

    The World's First OLAP Server for Hadoop UMCC Team: Steve Pan

  • 9
  • PlayNitride

    PlayNitride is now focusing on GaN based MicroLEDs - it is branding its technology as PixelLED displays. UMCC Team: Christie Hung

  • 8
  • EJoule

    EJoule is a company of innovative lithium battery core material, it promotes high-speed growth in the consumer electronics, electric vehicle and clean energy industries. UMCC Team: Alex Shen

  • 7
  • Appier

    An artificial intelligence and cross screen ad tech service provider UMCC Team: Steve Pan

  • 6
  • Yimei Financial Group

    China first and largest high quality enterprise creditor's rights trading platform UMCC Team: Joe Zhuo

  • 5

    Leading NVMe flash storage provider for enterprise UMCC Team: Steve Pan

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  • Glympse

    A location sharing technology company that offers a consumer app and a platform for businesses to integrate location technology. UMCC Team: Steve Pan

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  • Cloudwords

    The market-leading company offering revolutionary cloud software to streamline localization of marketing content and campaigns. UMCC Team: Steve Pan

  • 2
  • ALO7

    China leading intellegent English learning software & product total solution provider.rnrn UMCC Team: Joe Zhuo

  • 1
  • YETI

    China leading mobile search engine service provider.rnrn UMCC Team: Joe Zhuo

  • -1
  • SwiftStack

    Technology innovator of private cloud storage for today’s applications. UMCC Team: Steve Pan

  • -2

    Leading smart grid solution provider for utility and energy retailers. UMCC Team: Steve Pan

  • -3
  • ACTi

    Technology leader in IP surveillance.rn UMCC Team: Grad Liu

  • -6
  • Alpine

    Advanced Analytics for Big Data and Hadoop.

  • -7
  • Thismoment

    Leading solution provider of creating and distributing content-rich, multi-channel social brand experiences.rn

  • -9

    Smiconductor ODM service provider. IPO: AOSL

  • -10

    Provider of integrated, radio-frequency analog and mixed signal semiconductor solutions for broadband communications applications.rn IPO: MXL US

  • -11

    Leading fabless provider of analog and mixed- signal semiconductor solutions currently addressing the home entertainment and cloud computing markets.rn IPO: MONT

  • -12
  • Parade

    Leading supplier of mixed-signal ICs.rn IPO: 4966 TT

  • -13
  • SandForce

    Leading provider of flash memory controllers for solid-state drives (SSDs).rn Acquired by: LSI

  • -15
  • Silicon Wave

    Provider of Bluetooth IC solution.rn Acquired by: RFMD

  • -16
  • SIRF

    Pioneer in the commercial use of GPS technology for consumer applications. IPO: SIRF

  • -17

    Fabless semiconductor company that develops mobile chipset platforms for smartphones, feature phones and other consumer electronics products.rn IPO: SPRD

  • -18
  • Trident

    Supplier of display-processors for flat panel displays (plasma, LCD,etc.).rn IPO: TRIDQ

  • -19

    CMOS sensor ICs and solution provider IPO: 3227 TT UMCC Team: Christie Hung

  • -21
  • Trend Chip

    A leading broadband network IC provider.rn Acquired by: Ralink

  • -22
  • Ralink

    A leading WLAN IC provider.rnrn IPO: 3534 TT

  • -23
  • Rubicon

    Manufacturer of monocrystalline sapphire products, including high volumes of large-diameter sapphire wafers.rn IPO: RBCN

  • -24
  • CWT

    Manufacturing brittle material substrates with strictly high precision demanded, such as LiNbO3, LiTaO3 and Sapphire rn IPO: 4944 TT

  • -26
  • Topoint

    Leading manufacturer specializing in drill bit, router bit and slot drill.rn UMCC Team: Claire Lai

  • -27
  • CEC

    Leading provider of glass products in different areas.rn IPO: 5259 TT

  • -28
  • SMP

    Leading manufacturer of battery pack module.rn

  • -29

    Provider of stamped, machined and fine finished metal products for consumer electronic parts.rn IPO: 5264 TT

  • -30
  • adwo

    China leading mobile internet ads platform.rn UMCC Team: Joe Zhuo

  • -34

    Mobile data services that deliver wireless communications services to mobile operators.rn

  • -35

    China leading mobile internet social network service for youth.rn UMCC Team: Joe Zhuo

  • -36

    China leading mobile micro payment solution & service provider.rn UMCC Team: Joe Zhuo

  • -37
  • Ubiquisys

    Leading Provider of intelligent multimode LTE/3G/WiFi small cells.rn Acquired by: Cisco

  • -38

    Service provider of LCD driver IC gold bump packaging. rn

  • -39

    Acquired by: RFMD

  • -41
  • DIBcom

    semiconductor company that designs chipsets for low-power mobile TV and radio reception.rn Acquired by: Parrot

  • -42

    Leading supplier of low-power radio tuners that allow devices to receive digital television (TV) and digital radio broadcasts.rn Acquired by: ADI

  • -43
  • Praesagus

    EDA service that provide full-chip predictions of manufactured copper dishing, erosion, remaining thickness and sheet resistance variation.rn Acquired by: Cadence

  • -44
  • Velio

    Provider of high-speed interconnect and switch fabric ASSPs.rn Acquired by: LSI

  • -46
  • Giga Solution

    Professional testing service provider that focuses on Integrated Circuit testing for Wireless & Communication applications.rn IPO: 3559 TT

  • -47
  • ULi

    Semiconductor company that provides logic IC and controller IC solution.rn Acquired by: NVIDIA

  • -48

    Provider of communication IC and SoC chipsets in LAN, WAN, PC, and internet areas.rn IPO: 3094 TT

  • -50

    Leading provider of circuit protection components and antenna products for consumer and automotive electronics.rn

  • -52

    Leading manufacturer of Polymide film (PI).rn IPO: 3645 TT

  • -54
  • EOI

    Professional LED lamp manufacturer producing top quality of Super High Brightness LED lamps with AlInGaP and InGaN chip materials.rn

  • -55
  • Highlink

    Provider of GaN epitaxy chip.rn Acquired by: EPISTAR

  • -56
  • Dawning Technology

    Dawning Leading Technology is an industry leading semiconductor assembly & testing company. UMCC Team: Grad Liu

  • -59
  • Fortemedia

    Fortemedia, Inc focuses on developing high quality solutions and semiconductor products that provide advanced voice processing technologies. UMCC Team: Steve Pan

  • -60
  • UWiZ Technology

    UWiZ Technology produces slurry products for the semiconductor and optoelectronics industry. UMCC Team: Christie Hung

  • -61
  • Powertec Energy

    Powertec Energy Corporation manufactures polysilicon for solar and semiconductor industries. IPO: 6444 UMCC Team: Grad Liu

  • -62
  • ShoCard, Inc.

    ShoCard is the one identity verification system that works the way consumers and businesses need it to for security, privacy, and always-on fraud protection.

  • -63
  • FangCloud

    FangCloud is one of the best enterprise file management experts, designed for enterprise users from scratch to make everyone ‘simply work together. UMCC Team: Joe Zhou

  • -64

    ACT GENNOMICS is the world's leading cancer solution provider. UMCC Team: James Yen

  • -65

    YOUSHIXIU is a mobile video community platform. It includes hand-held video recording, live streaming, popular video, popular mobile games, hand tour introduction, video sharing, player interaction and many other contents. UMCC Team: Joe Zhou

  • -66
  • Deep Force

    Deep Force is a platform for deep Learning on edge devices. Through our platform, it becomes more straightforward to implement fast, private, secure, and efficient deep learning applications for end devices. UMCC Team: Alex Shen

  • -67
  • Jollywiz

    Jollywiz Digital Technology is focusing on the integration and applications of social networking and e-commerce websites to create a word of mouth e-commerce business model UMCC Team: Grad Liu

  • -68
  • Centera Photonics

    Centera Photonics Inc. is an optoelectronic SoC(system on chip) design house specialized in silicon photonic device designs, development and technology integrations. UMCC Team: Alex Shen

  • -69
  • Meridigen Biotech

    Meridigen Biotech is dedicated to developing mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs)-based technologies from manufacturing, characterization, storage, to drug discoveries. UMCC Team: James Yen

  • -70
  • VSense

    VSense specialized in design and development of medical in vitro detectors and their test strips. UMCC Team: James Yen

  • -71

    NORATECH is focusing on research, development and manufacture of new formulations of long-acting controlled release injections. UMCC Team: James Yen

  • -72

    Sundia MediTech is a contract research organization, provides pharmaceutical and biotech research and development out-sourcing services. UMCC Team: James Yen

  • -73

    Leading mobile application solution platform for enterprise.rn IPO: MOBL US

  • -74
  • metacloud

    A cloud solutions company providing OpenStack-based, enterprise-grade cloud platforms for enterprises. Acquired by: Cisco

  • -75

    Provider of CMOS radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs).rn Acquired by: Qualcomm

  • -76
  • FORCE10

    Solution provider of 10 Gigabit and 40 Gigabit Ethernet switches. Acquired by: DELL

  • -77
  • InTellon

    Solution provider of Power line communication chips.rn IPO: ITLN US

  • -78